Sunday, July 17, 2011

Music Sunday: Mona - Listen To Your Love

Music Sunday's July theme of new music continues this week with Mona

I discovered this Nashville-based band the same way I found out about all the music featured this month - Alt Nation. It's another track that I didn't realize I liked until I knew all the words.

Apparently, Mona have made a name for themselves in the UK and are hoping to translate that success back in their home country with their self-titled debut album that came out in May. I have yet to check it out, but the few tracks I heard on their facebook have a similar feel to their radio single "Listen To Your Love."

Mona is featured this weekend specifically because yesterday I bought tickets to Music Midtown in Atlanta, a festival that was on hiatus for a few years but has recently been brought back. Headliners include Coldplay and The Black Keys, as well as Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant. But down on the list was this band and I am now looking forward to seeing how this song translates live.

Mona - Listen To Your Love by Press Here

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