Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sublime with Rome - "Yours Truly" (album preview)

Growing up, I had always known of Sublime. I knew the big hits like "Santeria" and "What I've Got" and songs of that nature. Later in my musical life, I started listening to them a little more as they were a "classic" band that I felt I needed to get into. And while I did start liking more songs, they never became a top favorite. They were just a good band that I enjoyed.

With that said, maybe that's why I don't have a problem with the remaining guys of the band going on after lead singer Bradley Nowell's death in 1996. I can understand some being upset, but I truly think fans need to give this version a shot.

Seems there were some side projects and legal issues that have gone on in the decade plus since that incident, but 2011 will finally see a new album from the guys who recently signed to Fueled by Ramen (the label behind such bands as Paramore and Gym Class Heroes). Yours Truly is not as in your face as past songs, but the vibe is still there all the same.

While I may not have been the biggest Sublime fan in the past, I am really liking this new Sublime with Rome project. Set to come out July 12, the album has a perfect summer vibe without being too hokey or forced.

A review may come later, but for now check out the preview here on their facebook page (note: requires a "like"). It just may surprise you too.

Favorites (so far): Panic, My World, Can You Feel It (featuring Wiz Khalifa) 


  1. Hmm...interesting. I was never a big Sublime fan to begin with, but I can see this pissing off a few musical purists.

  2. I hope people give it a shot. Like I said, I can understand the backlash, but this is in no way band or an example of people trying to "cash in"

  3. I was a pretty big Sublime fan back in the day- one of my fav memories of 9th grade is singing along to "Date Rape" with my friend Allena. It was kind of awesome... and then me thinking my mom reminded me of the song "Santeria".. which is probably messed up. But I do like some of the new stuff coming out and honestly- it sounds like classic Sublime.. and the singer sounds like Bradley..which is kind of bizarre too.


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