Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music Sunday: Sleeper Agent - Get It Daddy

I know I have been doing a lot of talking about Alt Nation on Sirius, so much that they should probably pay me (whoever runs radio - I wouldn't mind) but they really are a good source for new music. Case in point: Foster the People. They started playing them last year before they even started recording an album. But this post isn't about Foster the People (that will come later). This post is about Sleeper Agent.

Alt Nation has a segment called "On Your Radar" where the premise is simple: the track chosen is one that you should take notice of. Usually it takes a while for the song to stick but I gravitated toward "Get it Daddy" the first time I heard it. 

From the opening guitar riff, to the accompanying female vocals that aren't overused just because they are female vocals - this song is just fun. Add in the breakdown about a minute and twenty seconds into the track and you have the making for an incredible lead single.

The Kentucky-based band has or is touring with the likes of Circa Survive and fellow Kentuckians Cage the Elephant. I have yet to see them live (the closest they came was Pensacola) but I've heard reports that they are an act you have to see in person.

Their debut album, Celebrasion, is set to come out August 16. If it's anything like the first track, which you can hear below, we may have one hell of a debut on our hands.

Get It Daddy by Sleeper Agent

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